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Conference Format

The Conference will extend over five days, with scheduled morning and evening sessions. Afternoons will be free for discussions and leisure activities. There will not be parallel sessions, and sufficient time will be scheduled to allow all the participants to actively contribute to the discussions. English will be the official language of the Conference. This is required for abstracts, papers and presentations.

Oral Presentations

The setting:

There will be one single Conference Room, i.e. there will not be parallel sessions. There are morning (2/day from Monday to Friday) and evening (1/day from Sunday to Wednesday) sessions. Afternoons will be free for discussions and leisure activities. English will be the official language of the Conference.
Conference Room will be equipped with laptop, screen and beamer. It is highly recommend that you bring a copy of your presentation on a memory stick such that it may be loaded in the Conference’s laptop before the corresponding Session. It is also strongly suggested that you test if your presentation works properly on the provided equipment in advance to your presentation (e.g. the evening before your presentation or early during breaks).
Please make sure to meet with your session chair at least 10 minutes before your session starts.

Meeting your session chairperson:

Each session has two chairmen/women coordinating the session and introducing you to the audience. Check ICSHM11 final program for the name of your session chairperson.
Make sure you meet your session chairmen/women before your session (at least 10 minutes before) so they will provide brief information about yourself that may be used by them to introduce you (e.g., how to pronounce your name, institution, current position).

The presentation:

Presentations are allotted 20 minutes (15 min + 5 min for discussion). It is critical that you present your talk and answer questions in the time allotted to you. Your session chair will manage the talks in the session and keep speakers on track. It is important to have some time at the end of your talk for questions.

Poster Presentations

Poster size

Posters must be A0 size in Portrait orientation, i.e. 118.9 cm (height) x 84.1 cm (width). Posters may be hanged from monday.

Your poster in one slide:

Information about each poster will be included as ONE SLIDE in a general ppt file that will be projected on the Conference’s screen during coffee/tea breaks. This ONE SLIDE  display gives you the opportunity to advertise the poster in front of the Conference‘s audience. In such slide you could  give a “graphical” description of the highlight of your poster and draw a wider attention to it.






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